Hublot King Power Foudroyante all Black Watch, a Rough Looking and Unique Design

Hublot Big Bang King Power Foudroyante All Black is a rough looking watch with a very unique design to it. The watch comes with a 48 mm diameter and a 18 mm thickness which is definitely more than your average watch. It has sapphire glass and a ceramic case with a matching rubber ceramic strap that will surely complement the unconventional design. Hublot Big Bang King Power Foudroyante is as its name states all black and the ceramic strap has never been seen before. The seconds dial is also showing eighths of second but wearers can also choose to split their seconds by allowing one hand to work. It seems that Hublot is creating more and more rough watches and whether there is a real demand for them or the company likes the way it reflects it in the outside world is a mystery but one thing is for certain, you cannot ignore them. The watches stand out, have personality and manage to be as unique as it can get.

Unfortunately for most people out there a Big Bang King Power Foudroyante All Black costs much so it might not be the first watch people think of buying. This is a fortune for most people so replicas are in high demand in this field. Replicas can have their own disadvantages as they are usually made with low cost materials and don’t respect the initial design. For example, here we have a replica Hublot and the original Lamborghini replica watch, they have been put side by side for comparison.

We can see the smooth titanium like elements and the ceramic like case that the replica watch has managed to recreate. Also, an important aspect when it comes to this watch, the strap looks just like the strap on the original watch and the screws have the correct shade and blend perfectly in the overall design. However, there seems to be a difference between the watches as the replica watch has Swiss Made written on the lower part of the dial. This element cannot be found on the original Big Bang Hublot watch.